Payame Tejarate Jashnvareh


An Introduction

Payam Tejarat Jashnvareh Holding is the holding Company of PJS Company of companies that have diversified businesses across geographies encompassing Asia, Middle East and Africa through various subsidiaries and associates.

Payam Tejarat Jashnvareh Companies diverse businesses include commodities trading – mainly rice, sugar, cashews and edible oil, manufacturing. The Group also actively explores and invests in new ventures and opportunities in order to build and nurture sustainable businesses arising out of great ideas.

We take pride in our efficient supply chain perfected over 50 years of our existence that brings harvest from the fields of Asia to the tables in Africa. We operate an extensive commodity origination, transportation, marketing and distribution platform through our brands that command respect and loyalty from our customers in more than 14 countries due to our single-minded focus on quality of our offerings.

Likewise, our manufacturing operations cater to local and international requirements of our satisfied customers with which we have nurtured the relationships on the pillars of Trust, Commitment and Reliability We value our relationships with customers, business partners and employees which are guided by our core values of Integrity, responsibility, Innovation and Excellence and which summarize our approach to the businesses we do and the lives of people we influence.

Payam Tejarat Jashnvareh Company commits to transparent, sustainable and responsible business group and aims to be amongst the largest commodity players globally in the near future.

Jashnvareh is the best Indian rice production