Mision And Vision


At Payam Tejarat Jashnvareh Company, we strive to achieve a sustainable and growth driven business environment that can adapt to a rapidly changing world.

Our mission is to create value which is not only limited to our shareholders but also encompasses all stakeholders associated with us including employees, contractors, clients, suppliers and all the communities in which we have a footprint

We aim to become a leading global conglomerate with a strong reputation for our pioneering practices.

It is vital for us to create a lasting and positive social impact no matter where we go.


Our company  has a long and illustrious heritage spanning back to our humble beginnings in the 1970's. Since inception, we have possessed the vision and skill to create a global network and supply chain. We look to expand by diversifying into new markets, streamline existing operations, building ever stronger professional relationships and create more value wherever we operate.

While we always consider our future, we strive to build upon our core values and reflect upon our glorious history in our transactions.

We aim to grow move forward by focusing on the things that are most important to us